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Know about Sri Lankan motorbike market

When it comes to the Sri Lankan market, it is quite a big one. Hero MotoCorp is one of the world’s largest two-wheeler makers by volume. Across 22 countries it has its wings and sells their product. The target of the company is about 10% of total sales from overseas...

Information about Auto Mechanics Work Responsibilities

Mechanics maintenance and repair of the cars. Some mechanics are involved in any aspect of a car and others are specialized in one field or one type of car. The most complicated aspect of car repair is also the favorite part of the mechanic: diagnosis of the problem. Pace, accuracy,...

Eating Whole Grains for Great Health Auto

You have probably heard that including more whole grains in your diet is good for your body. Whole grains offer many dietary benefits and can even help prevent disease. With plenty of different grains to choose from, it's not difficult to add a few to your diet on a regular...

Keeping Your Car on the Highway

Owning a car allows you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. However, if you don't take care of your car, pretty soon you're drowning in repair bills and wasting time in the shop instead of on the road. Here's what you need to do to keep...

Reasons to Hire a Professional Auto Repair Company

People invest hundreds of dollars in buying their dream cars. Usually, this makes car owners cautious when it comes to the maintenance of the luxurious vehicle. Initially, people take all the necessary care and precaution that their vehicle needs. However, with time, they neglect minor issues unless it creates a...

Things to Know About Owning a Boat Car

Owning a boat brings a whole spectrum of responsibilities and opportunities. Boats are a lot more to handle than cars and require more maintenance and expertise, especially when it comes to replacement marine parts. Here are some tips to make owning a boat, or deciding to buy one, a bit simpler....

What to Think about when Picking a Mobility Device Van?

If you are driving a wheelchair accessible vans, you will most likely call for a complete flooring side access minivan, unless you have sufficient flexibility to transfer safely to the motorist seat. If you are not a vehicle driver and do not mean to be a vehicle driver, you can...

Have you got the correct way to open the tailgate of the car?

In recent years, with the intelligent development of cars more and more rapid, more and more different functions appear in front of the public, such as car electric suction door, self-driving and so on this kind of black technology. with these technology, our daily life has more great convenience, but...

3 Ways To Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Your car is your way to get around town, whether it's to get to work or to the supermarket. Having an unexpected repair can be inconvenient and expensive. Take care of your car regularly and avoid those unforeseen repairs. There are three things you can do to keep your car...
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