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What will happen if you get hit but don’t have van insurance UK?

If you're caught driving without a valid van driver insurance plan, you can anticipate an on-the-spot fine of ₤300. The authorities will likewise include 6-8 penalty points on your permit. If you're captured without a permit, you can face an added penalty of as much as ₤1,000 as well as...

Benefits of Hiring an Injury Lawyer For Your Vehicle

An accident can be a life-changing moment on so many levels. The mental strain and the issues of financial loss can cause an amazing amount of stress. But then there is the physical side of things. And if you have been personally injured in an accident, you might be wondering...

Duties of a Collision Repair Tech

The collision repair technicians repair the bodies of a vehicle after a collision. The technicians work in the body repair shops of independent repair centers, fleet centers, or franchised dealerships. They can perform several kinds of repair ranging from minor dents to rebuilds. Whenever you visit an auto repair shop, your first...