3 Tips For Maximizing Fuel Efficiency

With oil prices climbing, consumers need innovative ways to save on costs and get the most miles per gallon out of their gas station fill-ups. Regardless of the truck or car you drive, keeping your vehicle maintained is a must.

Modern vehicles all have a fuel injection system. The fuel pump sends pressurized fuel into the injector, which then atomizes the liquid into a fine spray. This mist ignites and burns faster, producing energy to power the engine. Keeping your injectors clean reduces rough idling and the chance of stalling, and improves the overall health of your engine.

Here are three other ways to get the most mileage out of your tank.

1. Keep Your Tires Pressurized

Installing proper tires on your vehicle will go a long way in improving your fuel efficiency. Tires with low air pressure can slow you down, increase drag, and also puts you at higher risk for a flat or blown tire. Keep a tire-pressure gauge in your cab and check the tire pressure when you fill up — you can’t always tell by eyeballing it if your tires are low. 

2. Change Your Oil

Routine oil changes are a must for any vehicle. It’s no one’s favorite pastime, of course. But following your manufacturer’s guidelines or your mechanic’s recommendations for regular oil changes will improve your vehicle’s efficiency on the road. 

3. Replace Your Air Filter

You don’t have to drive on country roads to find your air filter is packed with dirt. n  air filter collects dust and pollutants from the environment before they corrode or damage the engine’s finer parts. Replacing your air filter on a regular basis saves you money on repairs later.

These basic maintenance tips will help maximize your fuel efficiency on the road and keep your engine running smoothly so you can always get where you’re going.