5 Amazing Safety Features That Will Make You Love Nissan

Even the best drivers in the world need to know that certain safety measures are in place before they engage the gear. Thankfully, Nissan is committed to making some of the safest cars in the world. Checking the safety systems of your Nissan car can easily be done at a local auto-shop, but it is best to go for authorized and certified such dealers as Barberino Nissan to get the best services. Let us explore 5 of the most amazing safety features.

Latest Safety Standard: 

All Nissan Altima vehicles from 2018 now comes with a feature called the Predictive Forward Collision Warning. This is a system of a rear-view camera, assisted brakes, and forward-collision warning that serves to prevent collisions. The technology detects when vehicles in front are too close (due to sudden deceleration or otherwise), and it is accurate for up to two cars ahead. The assisted brakes can also be applied by the car’s system if the driver does not take action.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System: 

Nissan recognizes the number of accidents that occur due to a sudden loss in tire pressure. This is why the tire pressure monitoring system is really important for drivers. The technology monitors the tire pressure and alerts you immediately; there is a drop in normal pressure.

Multi-sensing camera system: 

This technology has four component systems: The Blind-spot Sensor, which helps to check drivers’ blind-spots and quickly alerts of any obstacle found there. Together with the rear traffic cams, this feature makes it safer for you to drive and not have to constantly worry about the areas your vision does not cover. The second part of this system is The Rear Cross Traffic Alert. As you drive out of your parking space, you can get an eye on your rear without having to strain your neck. The last part of this system is the lane-departure technology. By reading the white lines painted on the road, this technology alerts you when you stray out of it without putting up a turn signal. 

Adaptive headlights: 

Nissan has incorporated this technology into recent designs. Once the cars approach a dark area, or dusk falls, the headlights are automatically switched on. The brightness is also automatically controlled to suit the driver’s vision.

Smart Airbag: 

Recent Nissan airbags are smarter and better deployed, the seed of deployment is dependent on the severity of impact among other several factors. Thus, the risks associated with airbags are minimal.