5 Things You Can  Maintenance Ask to Get Your Workshop Rolling

Casters are a great way to get the items in your workshop moving. Here are five questions you should ask to make sure you get the right items for your equipment.

  1. How Heavy Is Your Load?

The first thing you need to know is how heavy the equipment you want movable is. This doesn’t have to be an exact measure, but you want a general idea. Just remember to be generous in your estimate. Take everything that could be on the equipment into consideration. Include the weight of the tool, motor, stand, and any accessories you may use.

  1. How Do You Attach Casters?

These small wheels will attach with either stems or plates. Which style you need is dependent on what you are trying to move. If the bottom of your stand has a flat bottom, you should look for ones that attach with a plate. If your stand has legs, stems will be a better option.

  1. What About Wheel Size?

How easily you move your equipment around your shop depends largely on the diameter of your wheels. Imperfections in the floor and obstacles can bring small wheels to a halt. Bigger ones can roll right over obstacles. Generally, you will want the biggest wheels you can find. If you are moving heavy equipment, you will want wheels at least two inches in diameter.

  1. How Can You Make It Stationary?

Once your equipment is mobile, you will want a way to keep it stationary while you work. Fortunately, you have a simple solution available. Locking wheels can offer a way to keep your equipment stationary. This is because it comes with a lock that acts as a parking brake and keeps the wheels from turning.

  1. Where Can You Find Them?

You can get these at most hardware stores. In smaller stores, these might not have the load capacity clearly marked. Be sure to thoroughly check if the ones you like can handle the load you are going to put on them.

Another option is to get them from an online supplier. However, some of the larger ones only sell to wholesale companies. Others may have minimum purchase requirements. Be sure to call ahead and make sure you can get what you need before spending too much time browsing their online selection.

These small wheels are a good way to improve your workshop by making your equipment mobile. Just be sure you know the answers to these questions before purchasing any.