A Guide to XPEL’s Paint Protection Films

A Guide to XPEL's Paint Protection Films

What is XPEL’s Paint Protection Film?

XPEL paint protection film is a clear, urethane film that protects your vehicle by shielding it from everyday scratches while still allowing the original paint to shine through with unrivalled clarity. The product has been integrated into almost every level of the automotive market across the globe, including high-end exotic cars, to the backwoods of Georgia. As a result, it’s been a top seller at dealerships and is even becoming more popular with classic car owners looking to maintain their original paint jobs.

Why do I need it?

As much as we all love driving our vehicles, we’re going to put it up through some abuse. Whether you’re driving through city streets, parked in a lot, or taking weekend trips with the family, it’s inevitable that your finish will see some damage. Even if you’re diligent about washing and waxing, things like extreme heat can still cause damage as well the sun’s ultraviolet rays. An XPEL protective film coating will do a great job of helping protect your paint from all these elements that can deteriorate the finish.

When should I get it installed?

The best time to install XPEL paint protection film is when your vehicle is brand new. A flawless finish will hold up better against scratches than one that’s already been ravaged by the elements. Even those who have older vehicles with dings and chips may still want to consider installing XPEL’s film.

How does Xpel’s PPF work?

The polyurethane paint protection film is a clear and virtually invisible protective barrier that shields your vehicle from everyday scratches. It is made of a tough polyurethane material that’s designed to protect your vehicle from paint chips, rock chips and bug scrapes. It also helps avoid expensive touch-up repairs and repainting.

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How does the installation process work?

It will start from scratch, gathering all the necessary tools and parts needed for the job. After thoroughly cleaning your finish, a squeegee will be used to apply the film. Tape is used for precise cutouts and are applied by hand.

Is there a warranty, and how long will it last?

Yes, each vehicle that has XPEL’s paint protection film installed receives a lifetime limited product warranty on all non-consumable components with an optional extended warranty allowing customers to add additional coverage for up to three years.

Benefits of having XPEL’s Paint Protection Film

Your investment is protected against costly paint damage resulting from road debris, hailstones, and even minor fender benders, offering peace of mind while driving or parked with your top down. The product also reduces interior UV damage and even helps to reduce window fogging when travelling at high speeds in cold weather.

Suppose you care about the finish of your vehicle or would rather not have to look at those unsightly swirls and scratches while washing it. In that case, XPEL paint protection film in Atlanta services is a great choice if it’s available for your model vehicle. It is recommended to consult your dealer to find out if it’s available for your car and the features offered.