Awesome Features of Armored Vehicles

On a bright sunny day, an armored car can look like a typical car people like to show off after they get waxed. However, armored vehicles are not really designed to blend in with other vehicles.

A lot of armored vehicles are customised to look so normal they are inconspicuous. They are made to protect the driver and passengers, especially the lives of public officials, celebrities, VIPs, and other important personalities.

Awesome Features of Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicles from Troy Armoring company integrate various functions such as practicality, protection, security, and safety. They provide advanced technology that typical vehicles don’t have. And because a lot of gadgets are hidden from plain sight, the passengers have confidence and security that comes from knowing they are well-protected on the road.  Below are the common features that make armored cars worth the investment:

Run-Flat Rollers

These tyres have an extra lining within which seals itself when it gets punctured by a screw or nail. Also, an extra ring is attached to the wheel that helps the vehicle continue to move even when the tyre is flat. Although distances may vary, it can be under 56 mph around 10 miles to 50 miles, depending on the kind of tyre.


Manufacturers design armored cars to handle bullets from the majority of handguns and rifles. This makes it useful in stopping criminals from successfully doing their planned activity. All armored windows are made from nearly bullet-resistant glass, alternating between hard and soft layers of glass. This glass is made of acrylic, fibreglass, and polyurethane. This glass is thicker than regular glass but its thickness depends on its protection level.

Air Filtration System

This feature is designed to filter out biological, nuclear, and chemical substances in the air. Also, it maintains positive pressure inside the passenger cabin. The contaminants it filters out include those designed to paralyse or limit your senses.

Some armored vehicles have an electric shock system installed into the doors handles. When this feature is touched, a stream of electricity is release to the hand by the vehicle, helping deter attackers from opening the door. Also, it is designed to be utilised even if the AC system is not working.

Deadbolt Locking System

An armored vehicle can be fitted with deadbolt and electronic locks to make it more difficult for somebody to break in. These locks are anti-pick and anti-drill as well as very difficult to manipulate with standard lock-pick tools.

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