Best Car Care Bloggers In 2020


If you’re as passionate as we are about cars, you might be on a constant quest of educating yourself and finding inspiration within the industry. Blogs, Facebook or Instagram have a lot of influence over what car owners purchase, how they look after their vehicles and where they turn to for advice. That’s why it’s not uncommon nowadays that people choose to watch YouTube videos or read blog posts before purchasing a new detailing product or even before changing their vehicle.

But with all of the information out there, it can get really tough trying to figure out where to turn to, or who to follow. So if you are also in this situation, don’t worry, you’re not alone. To make things easier for you, we’ve taken out the time to compile a list of the top five car bloggers that grabbed our attention in 2020.

  1. Car Care Reviews

Car Care Reviews has been a staple in information and honest reviews for the detailing scene in the United States for a while now. These guys cover every type of ceramic coating spray you can think of, and present you with all the good, the bad and the ugly so that you can make an informed decision. Together with their ceramic spray reviews, they also talk about many other products dedicated to taking care of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for car cover reviews, the best windshield washer fluids, car wash advice, or just a little bit of entertainment to pass your time, Car Care Reviews has you covered.

  1. 2. Motor Trend Magazine

A world’s automotive authority, Motor Trend Magazine is packed with as much car, truck & SUV information as you can ask for. This powerhouse in the car care world provides an extensive automobile buying guide for consumers, and cutting edge information within the industry.

  1. Autoblog

If you are looking for the latest automotive news, podcasts or photography related to the car industry, Autoblog is a place worth trying. All their information is cleanly presented and comprehensive, and the best part is that they also publish a ton of great Youtube content, making for a more engaging experience.


  1. BMW Blog

Whether you are a proud BMW owner or you are just wishing to own one in the future, BMW Blog will definitely be your happy place. Founded in 2006 in Illinois, this blog is the largest single online publication focusing on a particular car brand. And if you like to engage with like minded individuals, BMW Blog hosts one of the largest community of BMW drivers and enthusiasts.

  1. Motor Authority

As its name suggests, Motor Authority is a leading name in the auto world. This blog’s list of followers consists of driving enthusiasts, industry members and in-market consumers, all of whom are searching for the very latest and most reliable information regarding the finest driving machines in the world, and up-to-the-minute luxury and performance auto news. Based in the US, Motor Authority has everything luxury car lovers may wish for, including news, reviews, how-tos, but also great interviews with some of the industry’s most talented riders.


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