Best Motorcycle Backpack Purses for Biker Girls

Backpack purses are essential accessories and every biker girl should have one. If your motorcycle is not equipped with saddlebags, you can always look for genuine parts from companies dealing with motorcycle imports. Alternatively, you can invest in a good backpack purse. 

A backpack purse comes in handy because it leaves my hands free for other activities. It also allows me to carry my most critical items securely.

When I’m shopping for a backpack purse, I consider style and capacity. It should also be comfortable to wear but since we all have different needs, feel free to choose one based on your need and beauty, of course. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

The following are a few brands that I love:

MotoChic Gear Lauren Sport Bag

I consider the MotoChic Gear Lauren as a multipurpose bag because of its many features. One of my favorites is that it has two straps that allow you to convert it into a tote bag when you’re not riding. It has ample capacity and many zipper and organizer pockets that allow space for a laptop, clothes, and drinking water. Additional features include a water-proof lining, a built-in light that you can switch on and off, and a reflector panel that provides high visibility at night.

Women’s Brown Leather Backpack Purse

I always consider the Brown Leather Back Purse whenever I intend to go for an extended riding trip. The leather is beautiful and durable, and there is enough room for spare clothes and compartments for your phone, iPad, and toiletries.

Harley Davidson backpack purse

I love the Harley Davidson leather backpack for its simple design. It is beautifully decorated with studded rivets to enhance its feminine qualities. It also has zipper front pockets and ample space for necessities like water and clothing.

UTO Women Backpack Purse 

Well, I think the UTO Women Backpack Purse is every woman’s type. Its many features make it a versatile and valuable accessory, such as a top handle, a shoulder strap, and adjustable back straps. The pockets are almost too numerous to count. The main zipper compartment has two internal zip pockets and three open pockets, while the outside has two zipper pockets, two side pockets, and a hidden zipper pocket at the back. You can carry anything from laptop, books, and magazines to house keys and drinking water with all these pockets.