Comparing Body Lift Kits To Suspension Lift Kits

Both body lifts and suspension lifts offer a taller ride with enough room for bigger wheels and tires. However, they are different in terms of costs, centre of gravity and handling changes and ground clearance. A lift kit raises the body of the vehicle away from the frame while the suspension lift kit extends the suspension and raises every part of the truck or SUV.

When cost is the deciding factor

A body lift is a more affordable option to get ride height without changing the quality of how the truck or SUV rides. It is more economical because it does not require the shocks to be replaced. However, if the goal is to install bigger wheels and tires for more ground clearance, suspension lift kits are the better option. A full suspension lift can be expensive because it is more complicated and involves modifications to steering, suspension and spindle. It can easily double the price of the lift for a vehicle of similar size.

Levelling kits cost even less because it will only use 2 strut spacers or strut extensions on vehicles where the suspension comes with a coilover strut like mid-sized trucks and SUV’s. The levelling kit will raise the front part of the vehicle to a height that matches the backend. It will lift the vehicle by about 2 inches to fit larger tires.

In terms of installation costs, lift kits are more affordable than suspension lift kits that are more challenging to install. You can have a lift kit installed inside your garage while a suspension lift kit will require the services of an experienced auto mechanic. Installation time for a lift kit is approximately 2 to 7 hours while it will take a mechanic about 10 to 15 hours to install a suspension lift kit.

What are the goals in lifting the vehicle?

The most common reason for lifting a truck or SUV is higher ground clearance to accommodate bigger wheels and tires. Using lift kits will only raise the body without any changes in the distance between the bottom of the vehicle and the ground. Meanwhile, a suspension lift kit will raise the frame of the vehicle to achieve a net 3 inches ground clearance. Levelling kits will only raise the front of the vehicle to provide it with a more even stance.

If the goal is to achieve the tallest possible ride height, the best option is the suspension lift kit. About 3 to 5 inches is the maximum for a body lift to prevent the vehicle from looking ridiculous. Suspension lift kits allow up to 9 inches and beyond but it would be very expensive since steering and suspension has to be changed. At extreme heights, there might be some stability issues.

An aftermarket lift kit will precisely lift your vehicle to fulfil your specific goals. It has all the necessary parts and accessories to dramatically boost the vehicle’s performance. Your vehicle will be lifted to an appropriate height so that you can revamp its looks with larger wheels and tires.

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