Did you know the facts about a six-wheel truck?

Six wheel truck is a three-wheel drive axle configured in all-wheel drive. Every two-wheel in one axle makes the vehicle able to drive simultaneously by the engine also. The four-wheel vehicles are made for only road services. Unlike the four wheels, a 6 wheel truck (รถ บรรทุก 6 ล้อ, which is the term in Thai) is made for off-road services, military services and also heavy duty services.

Most of these vehicles have a front axle and two at the rear which is only paired with the front steering. There are some trucks in which axles are paired in three evenly spaced, varying with different steering configuration.

Six wheel trucks are more reliable than the four-wheel trucks when it comes to weights and loads. The selling rate of this truck is also higher than the rest of the existing trucks. People want something which is both efficient and budget-friendly. And you are buying a six-wheel truck, you will get a world of benefits by just paying something extra. The carrying capacity of the truck is greater than any other vehicle that’s why people choose this one over anything.

What’s new with a 6-Wheeler Truck?

Modifications have been made in this renovated project. Loads on tires, impact between the tire and the road, reaction effects between wheels, etc. have been modified by the highly qualified and experienced experts. The weight distribution in the inner compartment is more balanced in this vehicle. It has got a huge body. That’s why power and speed are reduced. 

The new DRW or Dual Rear Wheel increases the safety and the stability of the truck while towing. If somehow one of your tires blows out on the highway then you won’t have to delay your trip because of that. You can easily reach to the nearest garage by the tire that is still alright.

To run a good business you need to have some good vehicles which will be providing service years after years. If you can’t afford to buy the new truck don’t worry there are stores which provide you with the used cars. The second-handed 6-wheel trucks (รถ บรรทุก 6 ล้อ มือ สอง, term in Thai) are also available there. They are being checked and cured by the store executives. So there is no need to think that just because it is a second-hand truck so it won’t be that good. In fact, it will be wise to start your business with these trucks. It will surely save some money for you.