Ever Heard of the Term Key Fob


A key fob is the most common name for a cover for your keys. Key fobs are actually security devices and transmit a signal, electromagnetic, radio, or infrared. This receiver picks up that signal to be used for extra security if you have:

  • Keyless entry
  • Remote start
  • Other functions

Many types of keys are called fobs or key fob covers – including:

  • Keychains
  • Starters for the remote car start
  • Openers for garage doors
  • Keyless entry on hotel rooms

Phrase key fob

Currently in today’s world key fob is a word that is used to describe most anything that is attached to a personal chain. It began with pocket watches and the term for these types of watches – watch fobs. There are still ornaments that are attached to the chain of a pocket watch. This term began to use in the 1800s. In 1950 until today, advertising items attached to your key chains for your car are called key fobs. When remotes for keyless entry were developed, these remote controls were called “key fobs”.

Keyless remotes replacement

The people at Remotes and Keys sell new, re-manufactured professional as well as OEM factory key fob that is used to replace keyless remotes. Certain antiquated remotes are not able to be totally re-manufactured due to replacement cases having button pads so are unable to be made any longer. This is the one instance where Remotes and Key sell a used key fob for the keyless remote.

Key Fob Programming

There are many classic key fobs for keyless remotes that are able to be self-programmable and they have all that information with step-by-step instruction included free on their programming blog. Most key fobs for any cars or other vehicles that are newer than 2010 need special equipment in order to program – so a local locksmith can help with that if you are having problems with the programming.

Now you know something new – try not to lose your key fob.