Experience Cool Driving with Portable Car Umbrella

You might have never thought of using an umbrella to protect your car from sunlight & rain. But technology has gone beyond your expectations. You can see, too many accessories are available in the market to give you a better experience when you drive the car and Car umbrella (ร่มติดรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai) is one of those fastest using accessories nowadays.

Benefits of using a special Umbrella for your car:

  • Protect your car roof and window glasses from leaves, dust & bird’s shit.
  • Use up to 45 days after charging one time for 3-5 hours
  • Quick to open and activate umbrella using remote or Wi-Fi feature
  • Maintain interior temperature and can cool it down by up to 36-degree in the summer season
  • Protect you and your car from the effect of Ultra-violet rays
  • Protect your vehicle from color fading

You can use this umbrella when you have parked your vehicle in an open space. You can get either a fully automatic or semi-automatic umbrella to keep your vehicle safe from unwanted dust and acid rains. If you are going for an outing, this umbrella can be helpful to use for camping as well. Likewise, you can also use it for beach camping. If you love boating on rainy days, you can use this technology to cover the roof of your boat to enjoy the ride.

The vehicle umbrella is going to make their identity worldwide shortly because it’s foldable and portable to carry with you. The Car umbrella price (ร่มรถราคา, term in Thai) is affordable for everyone who is having a personal vehicle.

Doesn’t matter what size of vehicle you are using, the umbrella is available for all size and shape to perfectly the roof. It is made with waterproof and strong material which can’t be damaged or broken easily. Either its bad weather, strong wind, heavy rain or other situation, your car will be safe from outside. Along with that, this accessory will help you to keep safe from scratches and other damage.

The Car Umbrella is made up of the Premium Nylon material which is light in weight and easy to fold and carry from one place to another. If it gets dirty, you can easily clean it by sprinkling water on it or you can spray any cloth cleaner liquid.

So why to wait now. Just go and find the best suitable sized Umbrella for your multipurpose use.