Factors to Consider When Choosing The Right Scrap Car Agent For You

How do you go about choosing the right scrap car agent for your car? For many car owners who are approaching the end of their car’s current COE term, they end up choosing an agent at random. If they are fortunate, they would end up with an agent or scrapyard that provides great customer service and a fair quote for the car. However, more often than not, they receive a negative experience that can be highly frustrating.

In this article, we will be going over what to consider when selecting a scrap car agent for you.

Only Work With Authorised Agents

Special care should be taken on your part to only work with authorised LTA agents and scrapyards. These companies have been certified by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, and will abide by the regulations of the industry. These best practices that they employ are meant to protect you as the car owner and will ensure that the transaction is completely legitimate.

While you may receive enticing offers from unauthorised agents, you should not be tempted. At worst, you may end up in a precarious contract situation or even have the transaction voided by the authorities if found.

Reputation Matters in this Industry

Ultimately, the car scrapping industry is service orientated, as such reputation precedes all agents. By looking at past customer reviews on sites like Google My Business and Hardware zone, you will get a good idea of the quality of the scrap car agent:

  • Do they treat customers well?
  • Is the process completely hassle free?
  • Is the contract structured to be in your favour?
  • Are there any hidden clauses that might harm you?

Reviews act as a good proxy for the type of experience you will receive when you agree to work with the scrap car agent of your choice.

Price, Price & Price

The price offered in the agent’s quote for your car will naturally be of large concern to you. To determine whether the offer is fair, you first will have to find out how to check scrap value of car Singapore.

Each dealer will offer different quotes for your car as the value it is based on their own discretion. As such, factors such as their relationship with you, negotiation skills, condition of the car and market demand for it will affect the final offered price.

The condition of your car is based on the mileage covered by the car during its lifespan as well as the presence of any defects. The newer and more pristine condition your car is in, the better the price offered by scrap car agents.

Meanwhile, the demand for your car will rise and wane each year. If you are selling your car during a year with high demand, then the average price offered for it will be higher.