Facts About Boat Maintenance, Auto

Just like with your car, you are going to need to maintain your boat. Whether you choose to do these tasks yourself or leave it to the pros, you should still ensure they get done if you want your boat to run reliably. Here are some facts to get you started on maintenance.

There’s a Standard Care Checklist

There are a few things that will need regular maintenance to keep your boat running perfectly. These include the engine, exterior, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, upholstery, canvass, and moving parts.

Maintaining Your Boat’s Appearance Is Key

Whether you are sailing the open ocean or navigating smaller waterways, you need to keep your boat clean. While most people think this is for aesthetic value, it actually has a huge impact on the performance of your boat. If you don’t wash and wax the hull regularly, it will start to get chalky and oxidize.

Additionally, you want to make sure you wash other parts of your boat. For instance, if you let dirt sit on your upholstered seats, they will start to get moldy and decompose. Likewise, if you don’t clean your bilge regularly, you could end up with clogs that lead to expensive repairs.

You Should Bring Your Boat In for Engine Maintenance

Most annual marine maintenance is best left to the professionals. To ensure this is done properly, load your boat onto a trailer and take it to the shop.

It Doesn’t Cost As Much as You Would Expect

While some people swear by doing their own annual maintenance to cut costs, this is not an accurate statement. Most modern boats are low maintenance, and it doesn’t cost much to get them looked at professionally, making this a viable option for many owners.

If you’ve purchased the boat, it is now time to maintain it. Fortunately, following these rules will help you get a head start towards maintaining your boat and keeping it around for a long time.