Features Offered in the 2021 Ram 1500 Truck Series

The 2021 model year lineup of Ram 1500 trucks came up with some noteworthy changes that transcended the truck series to its next level. Not only there was an expansion, but there is also an inclusion of a new powertrain that raised the horsepower to 702 that powered the TRX models.

But there have been other changes as well, that adorned the 2021 model year edition of the Ram 1500 model series to be playing onboard. In addition to this Ram has also announced the new launch of a new Special Edition named as the Limited Longhorn which is supposed to join the lineup this year, informed by the Dowagiac Ram dealer.

We also learned from the same dealership that, till now Jeep has not announced any other changes for the 2021 model year editions of Ram trucks except for the TRX trim models, but the order options are going to be vast and dynamic, they assured.

Improvements on the Technology Front

There are some important changes to be observed at the technology front of the 2021 model year editions of Ram 1500, that includes a head-up display unit working in tune with the advanced infotainment system. Next comes the fact that the 2021 Ram 1500 trucks will be the first FCA vehicle so far.

This new technology unit is now going to allow the driver to browse through all five menu items, that will impart the most relevant pieces of information along with a turn-by-turn navigation instruction.

The new infotainment system will also show the speed limit, the car should maintain at a certain kind of driving situation. Simultaneously, it will assist the driver with all maneuvering techniques to attain more control on the vehicle. A pair of power-folding trailer mirrors moving 360-degree surround view camera will not leave the driver with any misinformation. There will also be a Full-speed frontal collision warning that will enable the automatic emergency braking once it can detect any pedestrian in front of the 2021 Ram 1500 pickup truck.

The adaptive cruise control along with the lane keep assist will help it maintain the car lane and speed automatically, preventing it from breaking any traffic rule. The infotainment system will display all its information through an HUD display unit that comes equipped with a 12-inch Uconnect 4C infotainment screen.

A new 9.2-inch digital rearview mirror will accompany the list of new technology features which will increase the visibility for the one who will sit behind the wheels.

At the Performance Front

Coming to the driving dynamics side, the manufacturer Ram has already announced the launch of a new Trailer Reverse Steering Control feature to equip the 2021 1500 models that will come as a part of the current Trailer Package. This feature will allow the driver to access the one-dial control automatically that will come handy to create a backup for a trailer. All these features enabled in the 2021 Ram 1500 pickup trucks make the series all the more irresistible for the business class, boasted the sellers of the Dowagiac Ram dealership showroom.

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