The General tire brands are one of the cheapest, most accessible, and ultimately the best choice for your driving comfort. General tires possess numerous features that make them standout in the tire making industries and market hubs.

Taking a vivid look at some of the reasons why you should get a General tire product for your vehicle today, we will be highlighting the durability, endurance, high performance and power.

Brilliant Lifespan

One of the key points to look out for when buying new tires is certainly its ability to last for long. General tires are built with the necessary elements to sand the test of time. Compared to many other products in the market, they implement the innovations of state-of-the art technology in manufacturing their goods.

General tires can also survive wearing and tearing which is a common thing, but time takes nothing from its quality and grip.

Excellent endurance performance

Another key factor to consider is the performance of your tire especially in ultra-high demands such as in the racing tracks and other endurance situations.  General tires are also a great choice for off-road terrains and heavy-duty purposes.

The design and manufacturing style makes them formidable in this critical area. General premium tires also dwells well with luxurious rides along city streets and pedestrian roads. The movement is smooth and noise resonating.

This also makes them the number one choice for travelling for journeys and other long distance trips with maximum comfort for you and everyone aboard!

Diverse choices

As mentioned earlier, there are many variants of General tires available at Dubai Tyre Shop. In this area, you have an opportunity to be treated to wide array of choices which makes your purchase a lot easier (or not).

They are been split into various sub-types and categories which will be sure to meet your vehicle requirements. Examples of car models compatible with General tires are; Honda, Toyota, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Porsche, BMW, and Lamborghini.


General tires can easily be found at Dubai Tyre Shop where you will be treated to excellent customer services in inquiring both the necessary information and purchase of the wide range of types nest suited for your vehicle.

 They are the best dealers of high-performance vehicles and offer top-notch services that are convincing enough to make customers return. They can be found in many parts in not only the city of Dubai, but also in UAE as well.

General tires are affordable and pose to threats to your budget. There are great price rates that are certainly worth every penny. To get cheap tyres UAE, contact the help lines below to inquire for more information on fitting services today; +971 5562 69517, +971 54420 4322.