Getting a Grasp on Paintless Dent Repair

Removing dents without painting is also a very good professional option as its popularity is only growing for its effectiveness and cost effectiveness. There are many reasons why you should choose this dent removal process, and so here are some of the benefits of painless dent removal so that you can better understand what it is.

So why sublet this when you can easily benefit from it in your store?

Paintless Dent Repair’s idea of ​​damage caused by power supply has been present in our industry since the beginning. The highlight, of course, is that no grinding of the filling is allowed. Many say the idea came to the United States 50 years ago; some say 20 years ago. But it wasn’t until the early to mid-1980s that the craze began to influence product display routes. Most of us watched in disbelief and then in amazement as PDR Training demonstrate the techniques and equipment of this profession. But few of us take them seriously because: “Why worry, some of us have a lot to do.”

Many one-man companies have sprung up that specialize in unpainted repair of dents in dealerships and used car parks, and billboards have begun to appear on the market directly for customers. But some of us were still too busy to care. Now many franchise and diversified service companies have strengthened their position in the market. And they can provide these services to used car parks, emergency services, insurers and customers in a faster and more convenient way than any of us.

Advantages of unpainted dent repair:

  • Environmental option:

When you decide to remove a dent without painting, you almost never have to use paint or any other expensive and environmentally hazardous product. Traditional auto body and paint shops dealing with dents will use the chemicals required for primers, car paints, varnishes and paint thinners. Repair of dents without painting is carried out by massaging the dented metal to its original shape without any additional materials. Chemicals are not used end-to-end, released into the air, or dumped in landfills.

  • Car cost:

Car dashboards that are repaired with traditional bodywork almost always use automotive putty and paint. They are definitely more visible to the naked eye and therefore can negatively affect the value of the car as you no longer use the original look of the car. Even if you don’t see the work done, over time it will mean a lower price. Repainting without painting is based only on the experience of the professional and gentle dent removal tools they use. Ultimately, this will ensure that your car is worth the same, if not more, when it comes time to sell it.

  • Save time:

Most unpainted dent repair services are mobile or work in an emergency, so they can save you valuable time. Most companies suggest going home and doing the repairs, as this repair requires nothing more than the experience of a professional and his tools. Plus, because of the materials they end up using, traditional body shops won’t be able to get your car on the road on time, and you may experience inconvenience.

  • Low costs:

Since you don’t end up paying for car paint or putty, and you also don’t require very intensive labor, you end up spending much less on a permanent dent removal system. In most cases, you spend less than 50% of the costs incurred on traditional body repairs.