How Can You Detail Your Car In Proper Manner

Have you ever heard the term called ‘car detailing’? This term may often be too confusing if you have heard it for the first time. What comes to your mind when someone asks about it? Here in this article, we shall discuss this term called ‘detailing’ that also involves your car. 

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Car detailing

To put it simply, car detailing actually refers to your car’s cleaning and protection from its top to bottom by using different tools and techniques that are not usually used in any traditional car washing and cleaning methods.

In the car detailing, there will be a few touch-ups at different places of your car cosmetically to repair the paintwork of your car. The basic objective of detailing any car is to ensure that your car will look almost as good as it was new.

While performing car detailing, the workshop will remove the scratch as well as swirl marks present on your car. However, the detailing process does not involve any paintwork or repair of the body of your car.

What is involved in car detailing?

Let us discuss the external and internal car detailing activities.

Exterior car detailing

  1. Car washing

The process starts with intensive washing using by using certain PH-neutral car shampoo. This car shampoo will create sufficient foam to clean all the accumulated muds.

  1. Surface claying

After this, the paintwork will be clayed by using a clay bar, which will help in removing any dirt that did not easily get off by using normal detergents.

  1. Rubbing and polishing

The original polish of your car’s paint surface will be removed and then a new wax coat will be applied manually or by using machines.

  1. Paint sealing

To protect your car, paint sealing will be done by using car sealant/car wax. Usually, this is done for restoring the showroom-like shine of your car that must have lost.

  1. Headlights and taillights 

Both the headlights and taillights will be cleaned to get better illumination. Ensure that after polishing all the lights they remain sealed by using any plastic sealant.

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Interior car detailing 

  1. Interior vacuuming

Your car will be entirely cleaned by using a suitable vacuum cleaner for removing all the dust particles out of the tightest portions. The AC vents also are cleaned.

  1. Brushing and cleaning

A thorough scrubbing and cleaning will be done for the upholstery and the mats. All the leather covers will be cleaned with leather cleaner and then polished.

  1. Glass cleaning

All the glass portions will be cleaned with a glass cleaner to ensure that all the glasses are squeaky clean and will not obstruct the driver’s view.

  1. Perfuming

Finally perfuming will be done after vacuuming your car once again

Usually, any professional detailing is quite dangerous to work, hence people involved need to use personal protective equipment. Gloves, protective eyewear, mask, and also suitable earplugs must be used by people involved in this job.