How long does a forklift battery last?

Electric forklifts are powered by large, industrial-grade batteries. Such batteries are very heavy and also quite expensive. If you maintain this battery properly and take good care than definitely, their life span will extend. This would allow your machine operators to be more efficient and productive. The life span of such a unit is of great concern. It’s because the battery firstly is very expensive as well as downtime is associated with various problems.

But to discuss the main aspect as to how long such batteries will last will be attained by the following factors;

1)Charging Cycles

Depending on the workload and time of service, forklift batteries would discharge at varying rates. Generally, if the batteries are not at least 80% discharged than they must not be charged. The daily cycle charge mainly depends on factors like the weight of loads being handled, the number of shifts being worked, and the actual number of hours of operation. This might represent a daily cycle charge. The lifespan of the battery becomes much shorter if we charge it very frequently.

2)Life Span

A minimum of 1,500 charge cycles is the capacity that most modern forklift batteries are designed for. If this is the case but a battery is under heavy use and requires daily charging, then this would last for approximately five years of service. But if we take proper care and maintenance, then most batteries have the capability of lasting well beyond the standard 1,500 charge cycles. It can be said for more than 5 years.

3)Proper Care and Maintenance

There should be a regular check of the water level in the battery. These water levels are recommended to check after every 5 charge cycles. If the water level is low, then fill the cell to just above the visible protector inside the battery. You should never overfill the cell. Some expansion will occur when you charge the battery also a bit of heat is generated at that moment. If overfilled the water will overflow. If such a situation occurs than clean them immediately. Do not interrupt the charge cycle, once you place the battery on the charger. After every five to 10 charge cycles place the charger on the “weekend” or “equalize” setting. There will be an issue in the lifespan of the battery if the setting is used for normal charge cycles. It can reduce battery life.

4) Deep discharge

The forklift battery must not be completely discharged. It is called a deep discharge and this might result in damage to the battery. Thus it may also result in shortening the lifespan of the battery. Hence, you need to stay careful. 

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