How to get a motorbike license in Dubai?

If the individuals are residing in Dubai and are loving to ride the bike then they need to have access to a motorcycle license. Right from the very basic documents required to the fees associated with the procuring of motorbike license it is very much important for people to be crystal clear about the entire process to deal with the things very smoothly. Riding the motorcycle can be enjoyable as well as convenient, especially during traffic jams which is the main reason that being clear about the technicalities of the bike license in Dubai is important. Some of the basic things are explained as:

Requirements for a motorcycle license in Dubai:

According to the motorcycle handbook of the RTA, people need to abide by the rules prevalent of the drivers in the country and for eligibility over here people need to be at least 17 years of age. Even if individuals are having a valid Dubai driving license then also, they need to apply for a separate license to ride the motorbike in the city and for this purpose, people need to note down that they have to register as a beginner if they are not having a Dubai bike license for a mandatory of a minimum of 15 years. If the individuals are having the country’s motorcycle license for more than two years that they can register for eight hours of classes and for this purpose they need to have access to an affidavit from the consulate which will be confirming the position of a valid motorcycle license.

Documents required for the application are:

  • Original and the photocopy of the Emirates ID
  • Sponsors NOC with both sign and stamp
  • Test of the eyes of the individuals
  • Copy of the passport with valid Dubai residence Visa
  • Two passport size photographs

The application procedure has been explained as follows:

  1. Once the collection of the documents has been carried out then people need to go to the driving school of their choice to register their application and open up a file
  2. After this people need to attend some of the theory lectures for a minimum of eight hours so that they can clear the test very successfully.
  3. The next step over here is to attend the practical classes and make sure that they will be able to pass the driving schools assessment very successfully without any kind of doubt.
  4. The theory and practical lessons overhead will be covering the essential technicalities in the form of driving with the load, risk management, balancing of the bike, rules of the road and lane discipline very easily.
  5. Once the individuals will be clearing the road test at the driving school, they need to enrol for the best possible RTA test and once they will be passing it, they successfully have to obtain the motorcycle license in Dubai.

RTA test will be conducted both at the designated yard as well as on the road and if the individuals will be feeling into these kinds of tests five times, then they have to complete more lessons to become eligible again in this particular case.

On an overall basis, the Dubai motorbike license can take approximately two months assuming that people will be taking two lessons every weekend and will be passing all the tests in the very first attempt throughout the process.

Hence, having a motorcycle license is mandatory if the individuals are interested to ride the motorbike in UAE. So, attending the classes in driving school in Dubai is a very important aspect to be taken into consideration so that everybody will be able to enjoy the smooth journey of riding the bikes in Dubai.