How to Know if Your Car Needs an Immediate Oil Change?

Every vehicle is dependent on several components working in tune with each otherto run and perform its regular duties. Though every component is important since the vehicle can’t move without any of them, there are some that are considered more important like the engine, maybe because it is the major part that makes all the components work. So, to make the engine work in its usual manner, the most important thing is enough lubrication which is done with the help of a certain type of engine or motor oil.

But with several drives over certain period of time, as the vehicle keeps inhaling all the dust and debris, theengine oil either tends to get reducedby heating up and evaporation or most commonlygets contaminatedwarned the owner of The Woodlands oil change service station.

He also explained and also showed us how things go south after a vehicle runs several kilometers of distance and how the vehicle starts showing symptoms of an issue with the engine oil.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

The first sign that there is an issue with the engine oil compartment is that your vehicle will start asking for fuel more often than usual. It happens mostly because either there is a leakage in the oil compartment that is draining out the required amount of lubrication because of which your engine capacity is not up to the mark. It has to struggle to continue to drive. So it asks for more fuel. But once you check the engine oil compartment and fix things that aren’t right, your car will also revive its original fuel efficiency for sure.

Knocking Sound Emerging from the Engine

When the engine oil gets contaminated it loses its smooth and quick flowing capacity. As a result it doesn’t reach all the parts inside the engine compartment, where it has to create a barrier between them so that they don’t get into any friction. So, the running components inside the engine starts getting into friction against each other that creates the knocking sound.

Odor of Oil Leakage Inside the Cabin

If the engine oil reservoir of your car has some leakage, it is normal to smack that oily odor as soon as you get inside the cabin of your car.

Heavy Smoke Emitted from the Tailpipe

If your car engine lacks proper lubrication, it will also affect the functionality of the exhaust system of a vehicle. It will lead to emission of white smoke from the tailpipe which is not only bad for your vehicle but also for the environment.

Check Engine Light

The most prominent sign that your engine is lacking in proper lubrication is your dashboard displaying the “check engine” light being turned on and staying back. It might start blinking as well, if things are more serious in the engine compartment, warned the mechanics who offer oil change service in The Woodlands. They concluded with the advice that if any of the above mentioned symptoms show up, it must not beignored. Rather giving the car an oil change treatment can get rid of the issues.

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