How To Maintain Your CDL


A Commercial Driver’s License is crucial to the employment of millions and maintaining it can keep you earning a living while providing critical services to your community. There are many ways to lose your CDL, including moving violations, and a few things you can do to maintain it between renewals.

Obey the Law

Not only do you need to obey traffic laws while driving a commercial vehicle, but you will need to avoid moving violations in your personal vehicle as well. Other violations, such as felony convictions, can also cause your CDL to be suspended, so keep up with changing laws in your area and in the states you regularly visit to avoid violations. You can also hire a firm of commercial drivers license lawyers to help you fight unfair moving violations and keep your license in good standing.

Have Regular Physicals

You will need to have regular physicals as part of your CDL. Those with underlying health issues will usually need a physical every six months, while those without will need one every two years. You can ask your physician at these times for recommended stretches, exercises or diets to help maintain or improve your health and to reduce your risk of conditions common for those who sit for long periods of driving.

Avoid Drugs and Impaired Driving

Not only does impaired driving, through drugs, alcohol or lack of sleep, have the potential to cause accidents, but it can also increase your chances of losing your CDL. Random drug tests are required for commercial drivers and failing one means losing your license, so do felony violations such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Maintaining your CDL between renewal periods means keeping up with safe driving practices, having regular health screenings and passing random drug tests. You should also be aware that some felony convictions outside of moving violations can cause you to lose your license and avoid breaking laws both on and off the road.


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