How to take care of your car film? 

Taking care of your car film protection is one of the biggest problems. Since you are supposed to apply it in your car to protect it, you need to ensure that you take care of it. If you take proper care of your car film, it will last a long time, and eventually, be protected against different kinds of damages. 

No matter how good care you take care of your car film, it will eventually damage after a certain time. As a result, it is essential to take proper care of it. The car protection films are made of polyurethane material. It contains a white coat layer that helps to make the car retain its old shine. 

The way you brought your car from the showroom it will eventually retain the same glow if you put up a car film to protect your paint. You need to put up the car film as prescribed by the professional. 

A car film will eventually help to retain the natural gloss and ensure proper maintenance. This further helps to make the performance better as well. Like your car, the maintenance of your car film is necessary too. Therefore, you need to maintain and clean it correctly, as well. 

How to care and maintain? 

Proper care and maintenance of the car film are required. You need to get in touch with manufacturers who can help you with the instructions regarding the care and maintenance of the car film. 

Some of the prominent ways to care and maintain the car film include the following.

  • With the passing time, you need to dust and wax the film to prevent dust from building up. This helps to maintain the glossy finish around the edges. 
  • If you are using a high-pressure water hose, you need to keep the hose 36″ away from the car film surface to protect the surface. 
  • You need to use wax and polish only to apply against the car naturally. 
  • Liquid wash can prove to be extremely effective for cleaning and washing your car film. However, make sure to use an extra-soft sponge. 
  • To remove the wax from accumulating, you need to use a small toothpick. 


There is a list of don’ts you need to follow while cleaning your car film. 

  • Do not use any powder detergent to clean the film. 
  • Avoid using clay products in your film. 
  • Don’t use any scrubbers or rough sponges.

The Proshield car protection films need to be taken care of thoroughly to prevent early damage.