How To Troubleshoot A Car That Won’t Start

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Sometimes, your Mercedes Benz just won’t start. It could be a problem with the Mercedes fuel pump, a problematic fuel line, a dead battery, or a security feature in your car. While your first instinct might be to call a mechanic for Vehicle Starter Repair Gladewater TX, you might want to hold off on that. You could do preliminary diagnostics first. This can help you save money on repair fees.

Dead battery

The primary culprit of a no start problem in Mercedes Benz vehicles is a dead battery. There are a number of reasons why your car batteries may have died. The most common include headlights or dome lights being left on overnight, loose wiring, condensation inside the battery component, or simply the battery expiring. You know that the no-start problem is caused by a dead battery when the battery light is on (look at the dashboard) or if none of the electric components of the car work.

Ignition switch problem

Does your car start eventually but it tends not to start during the first few key turns? Check the electric components of your car again. If the radio, wipers and all the lights seem to be working properly, it’s time to have your ignition switch checked. It would be less of a hassle to have this checked by a mechanic while your car is still starting. For older models which don’t allow you to have keyless starting, this is a common problem caused by natural wear.

The starter is broken

If your battery seems fine and you just had your ignition switch checked but you’re still experiencing faulty engine starts, the problem could be caused by a wornout starter. This component is attached to the battery. If this is worn out, the battery won’t be able to feed power to the electric components of your car. What distinguishes this problem from an ignition switch problem is a clicking sound once you turn your key. If you hear a clicking sound, it’s most likely that your ignition switch is fine. The starter should be next on your checklist. Sometimes, you also experience extraordinary noise while trying to start your engine.

The fuel filter is clogged

Once you’ve reached 15,000 kilometers, it’s best to replace your fuel filters. If you don’t, you can experience blockage which deters fuel from reaching your car’s engine. Going on for long periods of time without changing your filters can put undue stress on the engine and make it wear out faster. If your filters are fine, you may also want to check on your Mercedes fuel pump. Any problems here could also affect the distribution of fuel in your car.

No fuel

If all the electric components of your car are working but your car engine is not starting, it is most likely because you have no fuel. If your dashboard shows otherwise, it could mean your fuel gauge is faulty. Try filling up your tank, or checking the tank meter manually if it really is empty. If not, fill up and have your gauge repaired. If these basic things still fail and your car is still not starting, it’s time to call your Mercedes Benz specialist.

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