How you can keep your car’s interior looking new and appealing?

Car’s interior should be kept at pristine as the paintwork. This gives you greater ownership pleasure and ensures good vehicle resale’s value. You do not have to spend every weekend in detailing of your car’s interior. Apart from vacuuming rest of the car’s interior maintenance task can be done in two or three months. Here we have come up with four sure-fire ways of giving your car’s interior a brand new look:-

Good Sun shade

Sun is the biggest aging factor when it comes to interior. Hot air and harsh UV rays will be out your seat and trimmings if you do not have good sunshade. If your car does not come with sunshade we strongly suggest you to get them. You can choose any aftermarket car Sun shade and but if you want a sunshade that fit in your existing interior decor then custom car sun shade is the best for it.

Weekly vacuuming

You will be surprised to see how much collagen, dirt and dust your shoes can pick up and transfer into cabin. Pet fur and hair can be easily accumulated too; therefore vacuuming your car once in a week will keep allergens at bay. While you are at it, take a minute to throw away your empty bottle papers and car park coupons that may have piled up. You might even complemented by impressing your friends and relatives.

Get new car floor mats

Sometimes all you need to spruce up your cabin is a set of new floor mat. If you your current one already has holes then toss them out. In general a personalized car mats are like pants. You would never wear tore pants with big holes in them, would you? It won’t matter how clean the space is if your present mate is having some signs of time then no one will be ready to put their footwear on ratty floor mats.

Clean the dashboard

Apart from dusting the dashboard, a car owner should invest quality time in trim the cleaner from a reputed brand. Apply the cleaning solution using a sponge applicator and remove the excess with micro fibre cloth. Don’t forget to add the product to the door panel. This will darken your black trimmings and depending on the product, by adding a layer of sheen.

Clean and condition the original car seats

In general most of the car comes with leather upholstery and they need to be periodically conditioned and cleaned.  You can either use two separate products or 2-in -1 formula for convenience.  But before you move ahead always test products on small area in order to determine the color runs.

Service your car air-con

Your interior might look great even after four to five years but how does it smell? If you are using air freshener to mask the odour then air con can be the problem. Get your car to the workshop to service your air con system and ensure that your evaporator and condenser are properly cleaned.  Changing the cabin filter will not remove the odor. The generous use of air freshener will make your passenger sick.

If you keep all the above points in mind then your car will certainly look new for years. However you have liberty to miss a point and choose other according to your convenience. So what are you waiting? It is time to keep the look of your car’s interior preserve for years. With the help of this informative content you will come to know, how important customized car seat covers and other interior accessapories can be for a car owner.

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