It’s Off To Work We Go

Driveway contractors are artists in a relatively unrecognized field, but it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to execute a project with perfect results. Understanding the materials you use and how to use them takes time and practice. Asphalt driveways are beautiful, dynamic and enhance the outward appearance of your home. Not only does the super material boast aesthetics, but it is also incredibly strong and durable, withstanding heavy loads without compromise. Another great advantage to asphalt is its eco-efficiency. It takes twenty percent less energy to produce asphalt, and it is one hundred percent recyclable. Infact, many used tires and other waste materials are recycled in asphalt production and help empty landfills and preserve natural resources.  Asphalt is a material that you can be proud of using, and when it’s in the right hands, incredible works of art can be made. Driveway contractors are experienced craftsmen that can turn your driveway into a masterpiece.

The Labour Behind Asphalt Driveways

Paving is considered to be a dirty and strenuous job. Workers need to use machinery and specialized tools to perfect the task and spend many hours tending the ground to prepare the foundation. From the beginning stages to the final product, it is truly a labour of love and a desire to fulfill a passion. You will know immediately when a contractor takes pride in their work because they will be enjoying the process of making something structurally sound and beautiful. True artistry begins with a passion, and your work reflects whether you love what you do or not. Enlist the skills of the contractor who speaks passionately about the trade because they are the ones who will give you the best results.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Contractor?

Asphalt paving is one of those things best left to the professionals, and with the right contractor, your driveway will be ready for use in no time with assurance of quality. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the right contractor for your project, so here are a few things to keep in mind before hiring:

  • Reliable communications – knowing what is happening in real-time is an integral part of a business relationship and goes a long way in ensuring that the project is executed to the customers’ satisfaction.
  • Access to tools, materials, and machinery – there is a considerable delay in completing your project when tools and materials need to be sourced and shipped before commencement. A well-established contractor should have all necessary products on hand.
  • Quality and craftsmanship – as with any project, you expect the highest quality and precision for the investment you’ve made. Find out about the contractors’ previous work.
  • Reputation – Speak to previous customers and be sure the contractor is appropriately licensed and works within regulations. A professional contractor will not be hesitant to refer you to previous projects or clients.

Having your asphalt driveway done right the first time will save you time and money, so choose wisely and consider the contractor’s experience, craftsmanship, and reputation before signing off.

Quality Control

How do you know if the materials being used are actually of good quality? Yes, it is possible to be given second-grade products, so how do you tell good asphalt from bad asphalt? Well, pure asphalt should be smooth and shouldn’t have any cracks or holes. Your contractor should check the paving the day after it was laid to ensure it is hardening. Once the asphalt has dried, it should be completely solid, smooth and dark in colour. A few undeniable qualities of asphalt make it distinguishable, including durability, stability, flexibility, skid resistance, fatigue resistance, impermeability, and workability. These qualities should be evident in the product to guarantee you are receiving the best for your project.

Driveway contractors can take an idea and work with it within your specifications to bring you the desired results. But, yes, there are considerable differences between professional contractors and fly-by-night contractors, so be sure to conduct proper research before handing over your project. So, if you need professional services for your driveway, then contact us today for a free estimate.

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