Know about Sri Lankan motorbike market

When it comes to the Sri Lankan market, it is quite a big one. Hero MotoCorp is one of the world’s largest two-wheeler makers by volume. Across 22 countries it has its wings and sells their product. The target of the company is about 10% of total sales from overseas markets.

Latest news article says that Hero Motocorp has expanded its footprint in Sri Lanka prominently.  They have launched about14 models in Sri Lanka with a new identity. These 14 models include the company’s motorcycles Dawn, Pro, Splendor NXG, Deluxe, Super Splendor, Glamour, Karizma ZMR, Hunk, Xtreme, Passion Pro, and Achiever and its scooter Pleasure. These models change the style of motorbike in Srilanka.

ABANS Group was appointed as its sole distributor in Sri Lanka. They have nearly 50 outlets i.e bike shop in Sri Lanka. For the launch ceremony star Kumar Sangakkara who introduced Glamour motorcycle and Miss Sri Lanka Stephanie Siriwardhana who introduced Pleasure scooter.

Important Market SriLanka:

For the motorbike in Srilanka there are many loyal customers and the sales in the country for these unique models in the bike shop in Srilanka are highly welcomed by the people. ABANS group a potential partner with more outlets in the country helps this brand to wide spread across the nation.

With their 14 new models bikes that provide them to the customers with appropriate pricing and there is no compromise in the kind of service they offer. Due to its wide range of availability and the design features in the market it is highly welcomed by a huge set of audience. Not only in Sri Lanka the company is planning to widen its wings to different other countries by understanding the kind of travel they have in the country. This is really a very unique specialty of heroes, which design their products to the needs of the people who present in different regions. This really helps in their success journey too. When a customer is interested to make a purchase one of the main features they have in their mind is cost effectiveness. 

Hero is very concerned about this point and delivers motorbikes with different price ranges, so customers of all segments can enjoy their ride using hero. You can even avail different variants at unique cost by compared to other brands in the market.

Bottom Line:

Usually the purchase of motorbikes is in reasonable numbers in all the countries, due to its usage. People love to travel in their motorbikes to the desired location. But when it comes to speed and onetime reach comparatively to 4-wheelers most people would like to choose 2 wheelers. And another one important concept is fuel consumption. You can travel a longer distance with the mileage- effective motorbikes and save your fuel economy. Another most important deciding factor is the cost of the particular vehicle. Economically friendly vehicle models were welcomed by a huge set of audience like maestros and etc. But this story is totally different for the people who want their ride to be totally adv

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