Restore the joy of riding with high quality transfer seats

Driving your own wheelchair accessible vehicle can save significant amount of time and dependency on road. A responsible driver can keep the road safe for everyone. With the advancement of technology most of the reputable wheelchair vehicles manufacturers offer wide range of mobility equipment such as steering aids, transfer seats, hand control, left foot gas pedal, etc. for the smooth and safe drive on road for all who are physically challenged. The transfer seats are widely used to transfer the person in wheelchair from the wheelchair in the center area of a van to the front seat of an automobile.

Custom seating option

Nowadays transfer seats works with all types of wheelchair vehicles such as full-size van, a minivan, a pick-up truck, an SUV or a converted car and all reputable brands like Toyota, Honda, Dodge, Chrysler and Chevrolet. A high quality, durable and reliable transfer seats of reputable brands can provide a six-way seat namely forward, backward, rotate left, rotate right, up and down. There is always a chance of getting hurt or falling while getting in or out of the wheelchair vehicle but the introduction of transfer seats has significantly enhanced the safety by allowing the disabled person to move together with this seat without having to change seat.

Things to consider

Transfer seat is worth investment that can make each ride on road safe, secure and comfortable. Modern transfer seats can lift up to 600 pounds and uses original seat that comes with your wheelchair van or accessible minivan. For getting expected outcome consider certain factors

  • Although you can choose any fabric of your choice but Leather and vinyl are best for transfer
  • Ensure you are comfortable with the length and weight characteristics
  • The price might vary as per 4-way vs. 6-way, weight capacity and any special installation requirements

Evaluate reputation

Evaluate the reputation, credibility and performance of the wheelchair vehicles and mobility equipment provider and then proceed with purchase.

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