SW-Motech KTM 790 Adventure Engine Guard

Owning a motorcycle entails responsibilities. One must know how to maintain their bikes properly. Every part must be well taken care of – from the gears to the engine – to ensure your and other motorists’ safety on the road. 

Engine oil, fuel, coolant, and spark plugs are some of the most important internal parts that must be maintained regularly. But your bike’s internal components are not the only ones you have to take care of. You also need to take care of the external parts like the motorcycle engine guard.

Engine guards are bars that serve as barriers between the engine and the ground if the bike goes down. While a motorcycle owner would not intentionally drop their bike, it happens more than you think. And even the most experienced riders sometimes tip their motors over. There are many kinds of engine guards. But one of the most reliable engine guards recently is the SW Motechcrash bars

The SW-Motech KTM 790 Adventure Engine Guard is built to be huge as it is designed to protect not only your engine but also your bike’s fuel tank, the header pipe of the exhaust, and the catalytic converter. This engine guard is made from a single sheet of 4-millimetre thick brushed aluminum. The overall weight of the KTM 790 Adv is close to 8 kg. The engine guard itself weighs about 4.4 kg. The additional weight comes from the added heavy-duty sub-frame and mounting hardware. 

If you are familiar with motorcycles, you can easily install this engine guard yourself. The average installation time is around 1 to 1 .5hours. On the other hand, if you bring it to a trained mechanic, they might be able to install it in a shorter time. 

If you need a much more detailed review of this engine guard, you may check this article by Motorrad Garage.