The Easiest Way to get yourself a Workshop Manual

We have all heard about the craze behind a factory service manual and how it is beneficial for the DIY mechanic. But on the one hand, where there is talk about its uses and advantages on the other hand there is hardly any mention of how to acquire a manual. Here we will talk about the easiest ways you can get a service manual for yourself.

Search Online or ask the Dealership

A car factory service manual is compiled and published by the vehicle’s manufacturer so you need to ask the dealership or check online if you can find the manual there. It is wise to buy one the day you get your car so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing one later. However, if you forget, going online is the best option. You would be able to order the right manual for your car sitting at home rather than physically going to the manufacturer’s dealership and asking for a digital copy.

Search Forums

Forums are a great place for people of similar interest to gather online and share information as well as resources with each other. Therefore, you should never rule out forums if you are searching for anautomotive workshop manual or anything of value. Someone who has bought the manual may decide to share it on the forum with other members. If you are a part of the group you will be able to access it and that too without paying a single dime. This method saves time as you get the manual almost instantly without even waiting for delivery.

Moreover, online forums are the perfect place to find workshop manuals for cars that are old. You can easily find a workshop guide for a modern car on the internet but it is extremely hard to get your hands on a rare manual. You would have to search but forums will provide the best resources.

Ask your mechanic

The mechanical workshop is bound to have a plethora of factory service manuals, one for each specific car model. The good thing is, a professional mechanic will be so well versed, and through the manual that he may not even feel the need to consult it. This creates the perfect opportunity for you. If the mechanic allows you can borrow his workshop manual and use it to repair your car at home. This is highly unlikely but if you know the mechanic well, you might get a favor.

What’s more, you won’t be spending any money with this method. All you will need is your charming skills and taste of luck to get possession of the manual.

Consult Your Friend Circle

The car you have might be pretty common in your city or country. Therefore, it is highly likely that one of your friends has a manual with them at home. So, before you try any other method you should first consult your close friends and relatives. If they have the factory service manual for your car model and year then you wouldn’t need to buy a new one, at least not immediately. Once you are done repairing your car, you can return the manual with gratitude while at the same time also ordering a new one for yourself, so that you don’t need to ask around in the future.