The GO System And TAPS 3T Feature of Tige Boats

Tige Boats are the king of innovation. They let you explore water in style, and with modern technologies and designs. Tige Boats updates their boats with new features and technologies regularly to make sure they are up to date on the latest and greatest in the boating industry. 

From the modern GO System and TAPS 3T to handcrafted interiors, you’ll find yourself surrounded by more standard features than with any other boat brand. 

  • THE GO SYSTEM: Whether you’re setting up for wake surfing, wakeboarding, or skiing, the GO Framework fueled by TAPS 3T makes dialing in your watercraft easy. Hit ‘GO’ on your journey control, counterweight, and TAPS 3T settings are set. No setup or dialing-in information is required! The GO Framework computer program is planned specifically for each Tige show, so your waves and wakes are on demand and on point.

Some other features of the Go System:

  • GO SURF: Select your surf using the Tige CLEAR User Experience, then set out.
  • GO WAKE: Versatility is built into the center. Stacked with underfloor counterweight and the Arched V Frame and TAPS 3T, your pro-level wakes will be epic, and the setup will be simple.
  • GO SKI: Serve up a delicate wake and switch things up. Hit GO SKI, select your ability level, and go for a ride.

After the GO System, another very prominent feature is TAPS 3T.

  • TAPS 3T: TAPS 3T was built with the most innovation possible. TAPS 3T and the Curved V Frame can form the longest, most effective surf wave on either side of the watercraft. The TAPS 3T select plate design utilizes military review actuators that withstand over 3 tons of weight, giving you higher quality than any other surf framework out there. TAPS 3T has been tested so that it’ll provide reliable waves, day after day. Whether you’re setting up for wake surfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or setting out on a voyage, the GO Framework makes the dialing-in process easy. Hit ‘GO’, and you’ll be on your way. No setup or dialing-in information is required!

Some advantages that come with TAPS 3T:

  • TAPS 3T loads your wave with just a push of a button. It is adjustable, steady, and always ready to go.
  • TAPS 3T is convenient and produces excellent waves. And when you combine it with the Arched V Frame, TAPS 3T will result in the fastest, cleanest, and most powerful wave transfer. 

With these Tige Boats features, you can spend an excellent time out in the water, whether you’re going wake surfing, wakeboarding, or skiing. These features have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they can handle anything that comes their way — and to make sure you get the best possible experience.

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