The Latest Trends of the Auto Service Industry  


Parallel to the auto manufacturing industry runs the industry of auto repair. Both the industries run on some protocols that are maintained similarly across the globe. Hence, whenever there is a new trend seen in any of these industries, it will reflect across the countries and take effect on the services they render to their users and customers.

So, let us take a look at the current trends observed in the industry of auto servicing. Here we would share the information on the same from the staff members and the auto experts who serve at the Sedona auto repair center.

The Bifurcations             

Just the way the automobile industry is divided into manufacturing and servicing, the latter industry is further bifurcated into some branches based on some basic criteria.

Based on the ownership type, the auto service industry divides into two types. One is the dealership authorized service centers, which are run by the dealership themselves and are directly associated with the brands whose products they sell.

The other type of ownership that we see in the auto service industry is the private service centers, which can be of any stature and offer any kind of service they can handle. But in this second type of service center, the industry bifurcates into yet two more types.

In this, one kind of service center deals only with the physical aspects of the vehicles and they do not take up any service that involves any mechanical part or functionality. These kinds of service centers are known as auto body repair shops or collision repair shops. They will offer services that will work only with the static physical parts of the vehicle, that does not play any role in the movement of the vehicle. However, in many cases, these physical aspects play that important a role without which the said vehicle might not be able to move at all. But this type will not involve any mechanical repair.

The other kind is the auto repair centers which will deal with all the mechanical services, dealing with those parts that play an instrumental in making the vehicle move. In general, the auto repair centers will not take up a repair service that deals with any non-mechanical or mere physical aspect of the vehicle.

Difference Between the Two

As said before, the industry of auto servicing divides into two, among which type is the one that is run and authorized by the car dealerships. This category of service centers will always offer every kind of auto service, be it the services from the category of auto body repair or auto repair.

Likewise, the private sector of auto services might specialize either in auto body repair or in auto repair services. However, there can be some big private service centers that can offer both kinds of services, but under separate categories. These service centers need to have that good an infrastructure to take up all the repair services, which is rare to find, commented an experienced auto mechanic of the center of the auto repair service near Sedona.