The Right UTV Accessories and The Right Choices

How to choose a UTV: Buying the right Side-by-Side

Many people dream of undertaking, working with what they like and being able to be their own boss. Having your own business goes far beyond increasing your income and requires a lot of dedication and planning and knowledge about the industry.

The auto parts business has been growing in Brazil and opening your auto parts business can be a great investment. The great advantage is that it is possible to start your business with little money. Not sure how? We tell you how. Check out this content with valuable tips to help you in this endeavor.

How to assemble an auto parts?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that I need to study hard, after all it is a market with other businesses in the same industry that are already consolidated.

Our first tip is regarding the location of your business. Look for a location that is close to automotive mechanics, so it makes it much easier to attract potential customers. You can go for the aftermarket utv accessories  now.

Our second tip is regarding the structure: one of the main pieces of furniture in an auto part is the counter. The counter must be large enough not only to serve customers, but also to position product displays. It is possible to find used counters in good condition to start your business.

The ideal is to give preference to counters with showcases at the bottom, which can already be used to display the most sold products, exclusive or on offer. In addition to the counter, it is necessary to calculate according to the available space the number of shelves and shelves where the automotive parts are. It is also important to think about office furniture and equipment such as computers, fiscal coupon printers, barcode readers, banks at counters for customers in service is also interesting.

What kind of parts to sell?

When it comes to car parts, there are many! And they can be divided into engine parts, electrical parts, suspension parts, steering parts, cooling system parts, trim parts, ignition system parts, electronic parts, accessories, exhaust, battery, glass etc. So if the idea is to open a business with little money, the ideal is to focus on some groups of auto parts and increase over time.

Some automotive parts have more turnover than others, so focus on the most consumed products, such as those that need to be replaced in overhauls for example.

  • Engine parts: water pump, timing belt, tensioners, gaskets, etc.
  • Brake parts: brake disc, brake drum, hoses, brake pads, brake linings and shoes, etc.
  • Ignition system: spark plug cables, spark plugs and coils, for example.
  • Filters: air, oil, fuel and air conditioning.
  • Lubricants: engine oil, gearbox and power steering, as well as additives for radiator and brake fluid.
  • Suspension parts: tray bushings, pivots, shock absorbers, cushions, shims, trays, hoods, stops etc.
  • Steering parts: steering terminals, hoods, axial terminals, rods etc.
  • Other products and parts: wiper blades, antirust, glues etc., are examples of products that have good output.


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