Tips to Ship Your Car Safely – Factors That Influence the Shipping Costs

People who are planning to relocate to another state are always in a dilemma on how to safely transport their car. Many people think driving their car all the way would be safe and cost effective. However, the fact is that it is going to be more stressful and inconvenient. The best option would be to get shipping services from a car transport company. 

There are many Auto Transport companies who provide these services, but you will have to choose the best one for you. One such company I know is Ship a Car, Inc. It is one of a top auto transport company who delivers superior shipping services to people relocating their vehicles. They ensure that they treat your car with respect as they know it is important to you. 

However, the key question is how much it will cost you. Well, it depends on various factors. Let us go through some below:

  • Service Types: There are various types of auto transport that you can select such as open, closed and expedited auto transport. However, the best one to select would be open transport. Open air transport means your vehicle will be outdoor on an open trailer. 

There would be plenty of drivers who are ready to take the load making it much cheaper to use. Enclosed ones mean your vehicle would be shipped with a closed trailer with high level of security and protection making it more expensive.

  • Perfect timing: If you are not in a hurry to get your car transported you can wait for a perfect time. There are seasonal changes in the rates of shipping services. Summer season is always the busiest one and that is why the rates are always high. So, it is better to wait for the right time (i.e. off-season).
  • Flexible dates: It is always better to have flexibility in your dates to get your work done at lesser rate. Often shipping companies allow you to choose the pick-up and drop dates. So, in case you want to get your delivery early then you have to pay more. That is why it is better to do your bookings in advance so that you are not in a hurry and you end up spending more.
  • Multiple car Shipment: In case, you have multiple cars it is always better to ship them together to get the best deal.
  • Pickup and Delivery locations flexibility: There are different rates for rural and metropolitan areas. As there are larger number of customers in metropolitan areas it makes it easier for the carriers to pick up cars which are at short distances. If you are staying in a rural area it is always better to drive yourself till the major city and then have your car pick-up as it will save some costs.

One important thing to keep in mind, while you are browsing through the sites of shipping companies, is never choose companies only with the lowest rates. It is a common understanding that if the rates are low as compared to others, then there are chances on compromising on quality of service.