Useful tips for short bike riders

In daily rapid life, everyone is rushing up things so a two-wheeler is important for everyone to make things simple and to travel from one place to another independently. So your height cannot be the restriction for you to ride the bike and for your passion to travel. They are scooty for short height girl which are specially designed for them to handle. Here are some tips for short motorcycle riders to drive better and to make your way to handle it easily.

Pannier installation

This might sound weird to you since it adds extra weight, but adds pannier to your bike, because this high load would help you to reach the ground more conveniently. The panniers weight will lower your bike just a little. By this, your suspension would have to take the weight of the panniers which can be enough for you to reach the basement. There is no huge difference by this, but it helps the person who touches the ground by their toes and wants to touch it by their complete feet.

Lower the suspension of your bike

You can lower the suspension of your bike in addition to this. Either you can do this by yourself or by the help of your dealer. Your bike can lower up to 1 inch by lowering your bike’s suspension. This might also affect your motorcycle handling which would make you feel a little bit stiffer. You can better also feel some holes and bumps in the road. This is because the spring and shock absorber are tighter which makes the shock-absorbing less.

Choose smaller bikes

This is a quite obvious tip that everyone knows but there is something to look onto it. There are tons of different types of bikes available in the market. From that, you have to choose a bike which perfectly suits your body length and physique. 200 cc bikes in India 2019 would be more flexible for the short riders.

Motorcycle boots to increase height

Using height increasing boots is one of the most common tricks. By this boot, you can add about an inch to your body length which makes you reach the ground easier. Most riders make a huge mistake of choosing the wrong height increasing motorcycle boots. This can ruin hundreds of dollars from your pocket. So make sure to know the purpose before you buy. There are two types of height increasing boots which you can buy according to your purpose.

Try not to stop anywhere

This is not about any fittings, it is completely about you. You need to be stable on your bike and this tip requires some skill. Being unable to touch the ground by your feet cannot make it impossible for you to ride a bike. You have faced a huge problem if you are supposed to balance on the ground which is a bit lower than usual since you aren’t able to touch the ground itself. So try maximum not to stop in the places where it makes it impossible for you to land. Train yourself to always check where to stop always. You have to be clear before doing something next.

The above- mentioned details are some tips for the short motorcycle riders; make use of it to have a safe and easy ride.