Want to buy parts for your car? Look for a reliable seller

It is essential for a workshop’s business to have a reliable supplier. This relationship with the distributor is important to offer the best service and guarantee the satisfaction of its customers. When choosing an auto parts supplier for your vintage car, you must evaluate very important issues. See if the products are of quality, if they have a guarantee and if the sellers meet the established deadlines.

Understand the difference between the pieces

In the auto parts market there are different types of products. They can be classified as original, remanufactured, refurbished and counterfeit. Understanding the difference between them is fundamental to choosing quality parts.

Original spare part –

Known as legitimate or genuine, these parts are manufactured by the dealers themselves, using the same techniques as the automobile manufacturing process. The original parts are the most suitable, because they are reliable, last longer and offer guarantees. It is highly suggested to buy genuine Nash metropolitan transmission at affordable prices, not to compromise with the quality.

Remanufactured spare parts –

Remanufacturing is a process carried out on the premises of the parts factory itself. It is a product recycling. In other words, parts already used that had a problem or wear before the estimated time is repaired to return to the market. These items are put back on the production line, at which time specialists responsible for the manufacture of the original product perform the necessary maintenance, identifying all problems and replacing parts that are not in good working order.

Reconditioned spare parts –

Also known as refurbished, reconditioned parts are original items that have undergone a technical or industrial process to receive adjustments to get them back up and running. As repairs are carried out without the guidance of the original manufacturer, these products tend to have a very short service life. Furthermore, they do not offer a guarantee. Do not be carried away by the amount charged for these parts, as they can represent a risk to your customers.

Fake automotive parts –

Counterfeiters choose to produce imitations of parts that are located in barely visible points, making identification difficult. Brake pads, transmission, oil filters and clutch are some of the most counterfeit items – essential products for the safety and functioning of the car.  Since the value of these parts is more affordable than that of original items, the customer usually thinks he is getting a good deal. However, this choice can cause serious problems in the future, generating a much larger account.

Seek help from an expert

Vintage car owners can end up buying counterfeit parts. If you do not feel safe to make a purchase, the best thing to do is to contact other experts in the industry to ask questions about certain products. Check this link,, you will get genuine parts for Nash Metropolitans car at affordable prices. Check the catalogue and select the parts you want to buy. The important thing is never to use counterfeit automotive items in your establishment, as the marketing of these products is a crime.

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