What is Kneeling in Wheelchair Accessible Van

With the help of the kneeling system, the rear suspension of a vehicle is lowered to decrease the wheelchair ramp’s inclination. For some wheelchair drivers, as well as wheelchair users, the kneeling system is crucial; they are expensive and are not that reliable for the people who do not require them.

Why do AMS Wheelchair Accessible Vans Differently converse?

The length of the wheelchair ramp in the AMS vans increased by four more inches. This makes the incline of the ramp get decreased and makes better for any wheelchair, scooter, power wheelchair, as well as a caregiver to guiding a wheelchair up via the ramp and getting the wheelchair sear nicely on the seating area. As the decreased incline, the AMS wheelchair accessible van doesn’t need a kneeling system installed in it.

AMS Converted Vans

These types of vehicles are designed such that the user of the wheelchair, mobility scooter, etc. can easily get in the vehicle. You can get in or out of the vehicle. The motor of the power wheelchair will easily master the incline of the ramps without having any assistance. When you are traveling with a caregiver, the wheelchair also works easily with ramp. You can also take help from the crank system of power pull or the magic wheels.

Why is the Kneeling System not Needed in an AMS Van?

AMS vehicle can be good for the person who requires wheelchair accessible vans, but it mightn’t be perfect for everyone. A manual accessible van mightn’t be a good option for manual wheelchairs. But manual wheelchair travellers who have caregivers traveling with them, and wheelchairs having magic wheels that can master the incline better, or those having power pull system will be able to handle the incline.

If you want to have a wheelchair accessible vehicle, but can’t afford a new one, you can buy used wheelchair vans.