Which Oil Is Best For Your Engine?

If you have been looking for the best oils for engine performance, you will be glad to learn that there are many different kinds of oils. Each one will give you a different kind of feeling and will give your engine the best performance possible. Finding the best oils for engine performance can be a very time consuming job. When I first started looking for the best oils for my engine I spent many hours on the internet looking for information. After spending so much time on the internet I was able to gather a lot of very valuable information.

The first thing you should look for in an engine oil is the content. This is very important because the performance of your engine depends on this. The oils with the highest content of additives will give you the best performance. The best oils will also have a low amount of additives.

The next thing you should look for when shopping for an oil is the oil change interval. This is something you might not think about but changing the oil periodically will improve the performance of your engine tremendously. The best oils will have a change interval of six thousand miles or less. If the interval is more than six thousand miles on your engine will run better and longer but it will also burn fuel slower. If your interval is less than six thousand miles you will get better fuel mileage and also a longer lasting engine.

There are also synthetic types of oils that will give you a longer lasting effect and longer oil change intervals. They will cost a little bit more than conventional types. Another thing to consider when choosing an oil is the type of casing the oil is stored in. Some cars need to have a special casing because of the performance specifications of that car.

There is also the temperature range of the oil you need to think about. The hotter the engine is when you start it will require a higher temperature oil and this will help it perform better. Cool air will do just as well but will not draw heat from the engine as much.

The last consideration when looking at the best oils for your vehicle is to think about where you will be using the oil. If you are using it in a high performance area then you want to use a more expensive oil. If you will be using it in a lower performance area then you can use any of the cheaper products.

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