Why should the 2024 Chevrolet Malibu be People’s First Car?

People’s first car should be appealing but have a powertrain that is not too crazy. Also, it should be reasonably priced and handles well. In addition, it should have a nice interior too. All these features are available in the 2024 Chevrolet Malibu. It is a great first car for people to have as it is stable and quite safe for any inexperienced driver. To buy it, people can visit Lenoir Chevrolet dealer.


This is a great-looking sedan with a distinguished front portion. The large grille along with Chevy’s bow-tie symbol on it and eyes like headlights gives it a thrilling look that anyone would love. Such an attractive appearance is what most people who are opting for a car for the first time would appreciate. The clean look of the back portion with detailed design of the taillights, trunk area, etc. makes it a whole package when it comes to design.

The interior matches the exterior design and keeps it quite classy. There might be fancier interiors in this segment but nothing offers more ergonomic friendly and comfortable than the Malibu’s cabin. This car offers ample passenger space and provides great outward visibility.

Also, its symmetrical dashboard along with its huge opening beneath its center stack makes the interior look bigger. Apart from being comfortable, seats come with supportive bolster and wide base along with quite convenient back cushions. Even its rear seat has enough space for adults to sit comfortably. In addition, its trunk is quite large which allows people to haul ample carry-ons.

Appropriate power

A single engine is available that delivers power to its front wheels using a CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission). Under its hood sits a turbocharged four-cylinder 1.5L engine that generates 163 horses. It takes for this engine to 7.8 seconds to make this car reach 0-60 mph.

This engine is powerful enough to be at par with its rivals and also offers a swift driving experience. People who buy a car for the first time wouldn’t need more power than this. Hence, it offers the ideal power for inexperienced drivers.

On a highway, it can provide a mileage of around 34 mpg. It means that your first car will not only be a safe vehicle but also will provide high mileage. For more details about the powertrain and its performance, you can visit Lenoir Chevrolet dealership.


People buying a car for the first time should spend a lot of money. Hence, Malibu is an ideal option as its base trim LS starts from $26,095. The other variants available are RS at $27,095, LT at $29,195, and 2LT at $32,595. Such a reasonably priced car is what you need when buying a vehicle for the first time.

Such affordable pricing, adequate power, and excellent design are what make the 2024 Chevrolet Malibu a great first car for people. To book it rush to a Chevy dealership near you and book a model. Also, take a test ride so that you know what to expect after getting this automobile.