4 Ways To Protect Your Car From Hail Damage

Some damage to your vehicle is unavoidable. Car accidents are never planned, and drivers do all they can to keep away from collisions. But what about hail damage — can it also be avoided? Here are four ways that you can protect your car from being scarred by hail.

  1. Take Shelter

If you are driving when you notice that the rain is starting to freeze and bounce off your windshield, look around for the nearest shelter. It might be a parking garage, a gas station or even under a tree. Be safe and aware of the vehicles around you. They will all be attempting to do the same thing that you are. Needing both hail damage repair Lakewood CO plus a car accident repair would be a worse scenario.

  1. Use Your Car Cover

It is easy to purchase a padded car cover that can stay in your trunk. If you are driving and can’t find shelter, pull over to a safe place and pull out your car cover. It will take a few moments and you might get wet, but it can protect your windows and the rest of your vehicle.

  1. Garage or Carport

Many people use their garage for storage and leave their vehicles sitting outside. Don’t be that person. Declutter that garage and let your car have the home and protection it was meant to have! If your residence doesn’t have a garage, look into installing a carport.

  1. Be Aware of Weather

The easiest way to avoid hail damage is to check the weather. If there is a storm predicted, only travel if absolutely necessary. Put the cover on your car or bring it inside the garage. Then stay inside and stay safe. Prevention is the best step!

Hail can be frightening but if you have a plan, you need not fear. Above all, remember to choose safety first. Hail damage can usually be repaired and the most important thing to protect is yourself and your loved ones.


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