What’s On The Road: Classic Car Body Styles

Some car body styles were designed with work in mind, and others for leisure. But regardless of what the car designer had in mind, it turns out that car buyers have minds of their own. Consider the pickup. Initially designed as a heavy-duty work utility vehicle, the pickup has become part of a lifestyle for small town and suburban car owners who rarely haul anything bedsides a couch when they move. But it doesn’t matter — people like cars for many different reasons. But while many body styles have come and gone, others have made their impact and have remained prominent for decades, and a few for over a century.

The infographic below, 10 Timeless Car Body Styles, takes a look at the vehicles Americans have always been attracted to. Which are your favorites? Chances are, there will be several.

On one end of the spectrum, some car body styles have stuck around because they are fun — fun to drive, fun to ride in and fun to look at. Consider the roadster. The Chevy Corvette has a fan base as passionate as any you’ll see for a rock band or major league sports team. Corvette clubs cover the country like salt on French fries, and Corvette owners show off their cars at shows, at club events and on the road — nonstop, 24/7. Other roadsters have solid followings as well, even though you’ll never use one to drive the kids to Disney World or take home your new lawnmower.

If you’re looking at buying your first car, or you’re trying to weigh the pros and cons between one car type versus another, the infographic’s visual representations ought to give you a little help. A certain body might sound good in theory, but can you see yourself behind the wheel? Is it really what you need? Is it really what you want? Continue reading now to find answers.