Duties of a Collision Repair Tech

The collision repair technicians repair the bodies of a vehicle after a collision. The technicians work in the body repair shops of independent repair centers, fleet centers, or franchised dealerships. They can perform several kinds of repair ranging from minor dents to rebuilds. Whenever you visit an auto repair shop, your first point of contact would be the collision repair tech. Apart from the collision damages, the technicians engage themselves in minor repairs like scratches and body customization. Here we would discuss more the duties of the collision repair technician.

What does the collision repair tech do?

Following are some of the duties done by the technicians:

  • Assess the damage of the vehicle– You would take your car to the auto body shop only when there are damages to repair. As soon as you visit the body shop, the repair technician would assess your car thoroughly to find out the actual damages in your car. They would check if the vehicle can be repaired economically. If there are large structural damages on your vehicle, they would be considered irreparable.
  • Repair the vehicle with the perfect finish– The collision repair technicians use special tools to repair the damage caused to your vehicle. It is often seen that they make use of the hydraulic press to realign the structural components that have been dismantled. Some of the other tools used by them are sanders, grinders, and hammers. With their expert knowledge, they remove or replace the damaged components like fenders, windscreens, and doors. For the original finish, they re-spray the damaged areas.
  • Execute tests and hand over the vehicle– Testing is an essential part of the collision repair and this is done efficiently by the collision repair technician. The technicians carry out short test drives to check if the car is safe for a drive. The road test becomes even more important if the collision has caused severe damage to the suspension components or the steering of the car.

When the repair is complete, it is the work of the collision repair technician to meet the customer and explain the repairs that have been done. They must note whether the customer is satisfied with the work done.

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