Running a free vehicle history check could be so beneficial: How?

You sound smarter when you decide to buy a used car. Every car has an emotion with their owners, be it used or new. Obviously, used cars have more demand compared to new ones due to various reasons such as less economical, desired cars at low prices and reduced registration cost. The only halt point for any used car purchase is the alarming scam in the used car market. You cannot stop the dodgy dealers from doing so, but you can prevent and make a safe purchase if you check car details.

One important thing that you have to make if you have set your mind to buy a used car is a free vehicle check. Will you deny a free service that gives you an instant report online? No one will decline such an offer.

Why I have to know about a vehicle check?

Consider you are buying a used vehicle. You are reaching to a dealer to know about the used cars. After eyeing all the vehicles, you liked a car with all the specifications as you expected. The dealer quotes a resale price that seems to be higher than your budget. Yet you convinced yourself and bought the used car to home with all the joy in the heart without the awareness of vehicle history check.

Later a week, you are supposed to meet your friend and sharing your car purchase experience. He viewed the vehicle and asked you whether you took a car history check prior to the purchase. After that, you came to know what a free car check is and you have to do that to know the complete history about the used vehicle before the purchase. You just pampered yourself and get the confidence to take a car reg check after the purchase, and come to know that the vehicle’s value is less than the price you paid for it. This will definitely annoy you for a lifetime and make you regret for not taking a vehicle check.

This is why a vehicle check insists on buying a vehicle with complete contentment and happiness. Also, the awareness about making this check on used vehicles is very less among people. Here are some major checks that are included in the free vehicle history check from the car analytics, one of the leading vehicle checking service providers in the UK 2020.

  • MOT history of the vehicle: 

Every motorist around the UK will know the importance of making the MOT test once a year. This MOT history check will reveal the vehicle’s complete MOT test background. Assuming yourself the car owner, if you are not proper with the regular MOT tests, it will also be revealed in the Mot history check of the vehicle. It shows the MOT test due date from your number plate. If the vehicle has failed the previous Mot tests, then it gives the reason for it (the failure and advisory notes on MOT tests). Through the MOT history check, you can indirectly get the vehicle’s service history by knowing which part of the vehicle needs more concern and taken care accordingly.

  • Tax status of the vehicle:

Through the free car history check, you can also get to know the vehicle’s tax status. Due to the prevailing pandemic and the lockdown, most of the people in and around London has applied for SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) which means you need to pay tax and insurance for a limited period and the vehicle should not be taken to the roads without the permission of the DVLA. If you are about to buy a vehicle, then check the vehicle’s tax status or if the vehicle is in SORN status, then un SORN it before the purchase.

  • Mileage difference: 

It is one important factor to consider if you are buying a used vehicle. The free car check will help you know the exact mileage on the odometer after the latest MOT test. But do you think that the mileage on the odometer will be genuine all the time? No, it will not be the same. In such cases, you have to check if the mileage is clocked or not by taking a full car check.

  • Specification and performance of the vehicle:

The free car check will help you choose a vehicle with all the specifications that suit your lifestyle, such as the number to seats to the engine’s size. The performance of the engine by knowing the horsepower and torque of the vehicle. The caranalytics’ free car check will also reveal the vehicle’s age through the first date of registration and the emission details of the vehicle.

Cars are emotions that hold many memories, so always be wise in choosing your car. To the affordability you are getting used cars, so make a premium service for less than ten pounds (£8.95) from the car analytics and purchase hassle-free.














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