Seven effective tips to increase your bike mileage

In today’s high traffic and fuel prices, it is difficult to maintain the mileage of a bike. Even though people own great branded bikes, they are spending too much on them on a daily basis. It may seem like your bike absorbs most of their expenses. Many people wonder how to improve their bike mileage. Here are seven effective tips to increase your bike mileage. 

Riding style

One of the most important factors is the way you ride your bike. Twisting the throttle may feel amazing, but it consumes a lot of fuel. If you ride your bike at maximum speed at all times, it can have an adverse effect on your bike mileage. There are many best 2 wheelewhere you can choose from. So search around while buying and enquire about the bike feature and mileage.

Using the right fuel

A 200cc bike in India helps to achieve higher mileage. Make sure that you fill the good quality fuel. Select a company owned fuel pump which gives good quality petrol for the best engine performance. It also increases the fuel economy and keeps the engine in good condition. Try to refuel your tank by visiting the same pump each time for consistency. 

Get your bike serviced 

You must service your bike at regular intervals to gain a high mileage. Serving improves engine health as well as increase the life of your vehicles. Make sure you choose an authorized workshop for bike service. Your bike lasts longer and provides good mileage if you replace the engine oil at the suggested intervals as well as replacing the fluids. 

Maintain recommended air pressure

Tyre pressure is different for different bikes. So it is recommended to check frequently and maintain as manufacturer recommended level. Low tyre pressure will reduce the mileage as the rolling resistance is increased due to wider contact of the tyre on the road. Recommended tyre pressure reduces the contact patch. As a result, it increases the mileage of the bike.

Avoid rash riding

Sudden braking, overlooking pot holes and racing within the city are considered rash riding. It is harmful to both you and your bike. Excess rash riding results in a series of damage to the engine in the long run. 

Ride in economy

Every city has speed limits, and it is important to be within the mentioned speed limits. It is beneficial for your safety and also improves the mileage of your bike. Riding at a constant and controlled speed is the key factor to achieve high mileage. When riding, avoid sudden acceleration and maintain a consistent average speed of 40kph to 55kph to gain mileage.

Traffic sense

Most traffic signals last longer than a minute. So you can turn off the engine rather than letting the bike stay idle. A good rule of thumb is to turn off the engine during the signal.

Wrapping up

Following all the above-mentioned things will help you to increase your bike mileage. Other than increasing the bike mileage, it helps you to save your pocket and increases the life of your bike.