The Top Pedestrian Accident Causes

Now that summer is in full effect, and the weather is warmer, a lot of people have opted to go out and walk. Whether it be for health purposes, walking to work, or just simply strolling around in the neighborhood, walking has truly been a healthy option. Not only does it improve your body’s overall health, but it can also help you save money that is usually spent on gas or other things. However, walking is not always the safest option, as told by Abogados de accidentes de trabajo Los Angeles.

Seventy thousand pedestrians get injured and along with that, four thousand die in car accidents each year. Indeed, drivers are mainly responsible for the way they drive and control their cars and vehicles, but it is a surprising fact that most pedestrian accidents are caused by the pedestrians themselves.  We compiled the top pedestrian accident causes to help you know how you can avoid them and be safe on your daily walks.

First of all, there is the improper use of the road. Pedestrians should know when to cross the streets, or they may end up involved in an accident. Unmarked crosswalks and left turns also contribute to this problem. Did you know that left turns are three times more dangerous than right turns? This is because both drivers and pedestrians ae looking elsewhere. Divers are checking the intersection while pedestrians are looking straight ahead.

Silent cars are good to keep our neighborhoods peaceful. However, people usually don’t hear when they are coming thus, accidents happen. Lastly, wearing dark clothes at night can prove to not be the safest option as most accidents happen at nighttime and drivers cannot see clearly.

To learn more about the top pedestrian accident causes, and how you can get compensated if ever you are involved in one, contact Abogados de accidentes automovilísticos San Clemente.

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